Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Uzgrim's Marauders: The Waaagh! begins...

This isn't the post I had planned. This is a response to a question asked today on the Oldhammer Facebook Group 'Who remembers Uzgrim's Marauders?'    ''I do.'  Was the answer most gave. After looking at the fantastic images of the iconic Marauder Orc army Orlygg had posted on  Realm of Chaos 80s it seemed rude not to reveal what is likely to be the main theme of this blog for the coming months. You guessed it - Uzgrim's Marauders. 

Marauder Orc Army (MA2). White Dwarf 133.
Back in March I decided to collect a Marauder Orc army and at that time I said (on my-other-blog)  that I’dlimit myself to a pocket-money budget of £20 a month and to try to paint as I go along’. What absolute rubbish that turned out to be. Four months and quite a few ebay tokens later and I’d amassed a rather healthy looking pile of lead. Of course none of it has been anywhere near my painting station. Thanks to Orlygg's post I decided that the best use of my evening tonight was to set the army up:

As you can see, the cavalry are yet to arrive but Uzgrim has been busy enough amassing a second unit of Orc boyz, hiring himself a giant, and getting hold of a Wyvern.

Next up, the post I meant to post... My Blood Bowl Orcs, who I'm using to test out some paint schemes for this lot. In the meantime a question.  Is it Waaagh! or Waaargh! And when does the term come into use in the Warhammer World? I have a feeling it’s a 40K term that shuffled over to Warhammer Fantasy at some point but wonder where and when this happened. Answers on a postcard please…

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  1. Really great looking force you have there. Time to get some paint on them! BTW if you are looking for any Marauder Wolf Riders I have some for sale on my thread in the market on the Oldhammer Forum

  2. Gorgeous, I remember coveting this force for some time. I'm dead jealous!

    Erny of will happily tell you about the whole Waaagh!/Waaargh! thing as he is very opposed to it =)

  3. Thanks Blue, you're work has been really inspiring for this project so I hope you'll enjoy seeing what I come up with for my own Orcs. I may well need (need!) some Wolf Riders, I'll head over to the forum soon.

    Snicket - thanks for the link, I'm onto that now! I had a feeling that Waaghing wasn't all that Oldhammer (hence the question). I'm interested to see how the Orc history developed, there's not really that much in the 3rd ed books I've read and then loads and loads in the later (4th?) ones. Did GW decide to flesh everything out at some point or perhaps I've just not found the right stuff yet.