Monday, 25 August 2014

The Gouged Eye (3) - Grogat Crunchskull

The Gouged Eye have a new recruit in the shape of big-handed troll, Grogat Crunchskull.

As with other Bob Olley sculpts the detail is fairly exaggerated, something I found a bit off-putting when they were released but which I find increasingly appealing today. Certainly there's something a little different about painting an Olley figure, and I hope I've done this one justice.

WD113: Image from Blood Bowl Old Skool Picture Archive
Grogat Crunchskull first appeared in White Dwarf 113, going on to be immortalized as a Star Player in issue 114. As you can see I went for a much darker skin tone hoping it would contrast well with the red and white team colours. I'm pretty pleased but the bright green skin of the 'Eavy Metal version (left) is great and the black armour matches the Star Player perfectly. I wonder which came first? Card or 'Eavy Metal paint job? And does anyone know who painted this one?

Under the current version of the Living Rulebook (is it LRB6, I lose track?) Grogat doesn’t exist as an official star player (the only troll star player is Ripper Bolgrot) which makes me feel just slightly better about having painted him in the Red and White of the Gouged Eye. No doubt Gort Severlimb, the Gouged Eye’s Coach, tempted him away freebooter circuit by offering more snotlings than he could eat… Here's the original star player card:

And those all-important stats!

There are two other Bob Olley Blood Bowl trolls, both ‘unreleased’ though fairly easy to find on ebay. The imaginatively-monikered Troll Player 2 plays for my third edition Orc team, The Orkward B*stards (he's the chap on the left, you can see my usual darker painting style here - this coupled with my poor photography makes him look very gloomy!).

I do wonder why these two weren't released, anyone know? And as they weren't released, how come so many are out there?


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  1. I'm enjoying the way that you are going for a more 80s / 90s style of painting to accompany your old school figures. Of course, you do realise that your bases should be green, nothing but green...

  2. You're absolutely correct, of course. I'll have a go at that on the Marauder Orcs but to be honest I can't see it happening!