Thursday, 28 August 2014

The Gouged Eye (4) - New Recruits...

The Gouged Eye’s latest (and final) recruits have made it to the stadium. Three more orcs and two goblins (Grogat Crunchskull needs something to snack on when he’s hungry, or to throw around the pitch if he’s paying attention to the cries of the fans!). I've also painted up Ugroth Bolgrot, the chainsaw wielding freebooter.

Thrower, linemen (orcs), and two goblins.

And Ugroth Bolgrot:

He's painted to match his star player card(s):

Current Star Player card 

Original Star Player card

And here are his stats, quite how he had time to score three touchdowns in one game while finding time to take out 327 fans is beyond me...


  1. Games didn't use to have any time limits... Still here he probably sawed through a support for the stands...

  2. Good point! I remember playing all day - life didn't seem to have time limits either!

  3. Loving your blog. I'm not personally worried about matching 'oldschool' painting, but I do think it's a useful exercise. As for the dark picture of the troll, try using your cameras Exposure Value (EV) setting and bumping it up to +1 or higher. I landed on +1.7 for some recent pictures. Or you could photograph against a darker background. The light backgrounds tend to make the figures look extra dark.

  4. Thanks Sean. Sorting out my picture taking is high on the list at the moment so that advice is really welcome. I'll see if my camera has the option to change the EV. If not I may have to ask my mum for help! (and that fits the Oldhammer vibe for me very well!)