Sunday, 24 August 2014

The Gouged Eye (2) - Did You Know?

Team Profile from White Dwarf 101
There’s a lesson in this post. It’s a variation on ‘measure twice, cut once…’

There's been a fair bit of background written about the Gouged Eye, an Orc team that first appeared in the second edition rulebook where they played a starring role as one of the two teams used to showcase the rules in action (the other being their arch rivals, the Reikland Reavers).

In White Dwarf 101 the Gouged Eye feature as part of a Jim and Bob commentary introducing Blood Bowl 2ed. Curiously they appear to be sporting the yellow and black of the Orcland Raiders (could Jim and Bob have been mistaken!):

While the team crop up in various places the team’s history is given in most detail in Star Players where the team is given an entire page...

Did you know all that? I didn’t. The lesson? The lesson is that had I undertaken this relatively painless bit of research before painting my team I’d have numbered and named the players correctly. As it is all I can say is that the team featured in this blog is the Gouged Eye as they stand in 2514. It goes without saying that Coach Severlimb would have made a number of changes to the roster in the 25 years that have passed since this team profile was made back in 2489!

For my next BB project, either the Underworld Creepers or the Reikland Reivers, I'll be starting with the background and working forwards!

If anyone has any information to share about the Gouged Eye I’d be really pleased to hear it. I know my miniatures aren’t the first to wear the proud red and white of this great team!

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