Blood Bowl Hall of Fame

I've painted a fair few Blood Bowl teams over the years. Pictures of my original second edition teams don't exist and they were sold on long ago, which is perhaps why I seem to be recollecting them all now.

My return to BB with third edition is better documented...

The Gouged Eye

The Mapelheim Maulers (my first BB team in third edition and the team I took to my first BB GT at  Warhammer World.

The Roosterville Rednecks (this team went missing in the post... where are they now!?)

Undead Team

Necrotic Crevice

The Vanilla Mice

Badland Brawlers

The Nurgflings

Green Flash

'Blue Skaven' (these chaps were painted for a friend who bought the Green Flash who wanted to make an Underworld team).

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