Sunday, 10 April 2016

Uzgrim's Marauders - Mail Order Flyer Oddities

While the painting of Uzgrim's all-Marauder Orc army has been on hold of late -- pushed out of the limelight by a move to second edition Blood Bowl -- I've been keeping my eyes out for the few Marauder Orcs I'm missing and this last week I've picked up two which are sufficiently odd to deserve sharing here. May I present, Orc 9 and Orc 17 from the November 1988 Mail Order Flyer...

Orc 9 is a curious chap, mainly because he appears to be from outer space (more specifically, from the Warhammer 40,000 universe).

His fate in my Warhammer army remains undecided. He either (a) hides discreetly in the middle ranks of a large unit of Orc warriors, or (b) he stands proud as a time-travelling Shaman whose magics are perhaps simply the result of his high-tech equipment. Votes please...

Orc 17 is a classic. Here he is:

His 'axes-akimbo' stance appears to be based on Jes Goodwin's classic Chaos Warrior Slambo which was released, I think, in 1986 (though I'm unsure as to the respective dates at which these two were sculpted so that's pure speculation - perhaps someone reading knows?). There's just one odd thing - he's tiny - think 'large goblin' and you'll have it about right (that's a 20mm base he's on there). Small though he is, I think he's fantastic. What he lacks in stature he makes up for in chutzpah and he's destined for the front ranks.

There are still a couple of Orcs missing from the ranks so the hunt continues...


  1. I remember my surprise at opening a blister of Orcs in the 80's and discovering Orc 9 amongst the other fantasy Orcs. Once painted he was hidden in the middle of a big into of boyz. Another oddity was his hair.

    1. You're right about the hair. I was so caught up in the fact that he was wearing a space suit that the hair hadn't caught my attention. I do wonder what they were thinking adding him to the range...

  2. Congrats!! Ork 9 has been one I'm seeking for quite awhile myself. And strangely I just picked up the axe Orc as well...great figure!

    1. Thanks Blue, with just a few Orcs to go I think I might have to throw some more cash at the collection, I'm not missing anything rare now from this unit (these two were perhaps the rarest and neither cost a great deal). Next on the wants list is the ball and chain Orc (another mail order flyer chap).

  3. Very cool. This is getting into deep catalog stuff that I know nothing about. One day I'll go through the old catalogs and my figures. One day.

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