Sunday, 22 February 2015

Enter Irongrim...

I'm not entirely sure how it happened but tonight I pulled the trigger on a new project - Uzgrim's new sparring partners - the most magnificent Irongrim's Conquerors. Here's how they looked in White Dwarf 133:

Oddly the picture doesn't show anything close to is listed as being in the army, I can only assume that they didn't have the models painted, so I'm not entirely sure what the army would have looked like. The good news is that I fully intend to find out how that lot looks (though it could take some time). The other thing I spotted that disappointed me is that unlike Uzgrim's army this lot don't have named characters and units, hopefully I'll find that in another issue of WD when I have time to look.

I've begun with the pikemen which are my absolute favourites of the range. This lot just bagged on ebay for more slightly than I'd hoped to spend...

I guess I need another eight spearmen (dwarfs) now...

Coming soon... the mother of all wants lists!


  1. The Dwarfs are always a good choice. Especially vs. the Orcs and Goblins. Looking forward to seeing your armies come together.

  2. Cheers Mouse! Me too (though it'll take some time to see paint on them at the rate I'm going).