Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Orctoberfest - the aftermath

ORCTOBER FEST 2014 is well and truly behind us, even NORCvember is rapidly coming to a close so it seems like high time that I showed everyone how (not very) far I've got with my Orc army. This is how far:

To add to the thousand words painted by the picture above - that's 20 Orc boys, a chariot, a stone thrower and a goblin shaman on a giant spider with bright yellow hazard stripes on its legs.  I had hoped to get another unit done (the Arrer Boys are next) but this is all I could manage in the last couple of months. Still, it's not a bad start and it's given me plenty of excuse to return to the ebay hunting grounds where I'm hoping to find the missing infantry and the start of the cavalry...

Time for some close ups. First up, the Orc Warriors (MB2 and MM25) who are the Big 'uns in my army. Apologies for the very yellow picture, things get a little better in a moment... 

The banner is a slight conversion, it's a plastic Orc banner pinned to the Marauder banner pole and painted to look as close to the original Nardreg banner as I could manage. Here's the original from White Dwarf 133 (if anyone knows who painted that army I'd love to know):

Next up, my Goblin Shaman. This little dude caused havoc in my game last week, spitting out crazy magic from the top of a tree.

And onto the Chariot. Again, a fairly quick paintjob but I reckon it looks ok (though the grass on the front of the base looks very odd in this picture):

And finally, the stone thrower. I planned to make a base that would accommodate the crew but ended up with this 60mm sentinel base which fits pretty nicely:

Of course I'm nowhere near finished. My next painted unit should be 20 orc archers but I have a feeling that plan might be interrupted as I've just picked up a very cool Goblin shaman that looks like it'll be really nice to paint up. More on that in the next post...


  1. Your army looks grand. I especially love the Nardeg banner, and the markings on the spider. Your boyz' shields also look good: nice clean lines and bright, orky colours. You've really captured a painting style that suits Marauder miniatures: bold, colourful, detailed.

  2. Thanks Matthew, that's really kind. As I reach the middle (or really the 1/3rd mark) of the army this kind of encouragement is just what I need. I'm particularly happy to hear that my style works, it's an attempt to capture just the style you describe which is a fair move from my usual darker painting. I don't think I'll be going back!