Sunday, 12 October 2014

Orctober 2...

So, it's still Orctober. I've been working on my Marauder Orcs for a week now, sneaking in about an hour of painting each evening in an attempt to get the army finished. For some unknown reason I decided I'd paint them all at once. I've never painted a whole army in a single batch and I'll be honest and say that it is about as much (or little) fun as you'd expect. In seven days I've added a few models to the army (3 goblin fanatics) painted the bases of over 100 models, painted and inked the metals on 60 orcs, and begun slapping some green on the orcs (just 16 to go....)

Here's how things look at this point.

First BATCH ONE, the orc contingent (they're getting the painting love right now):

And BATCH TWO, Gobbos:

The next week should see me get the rest of the orcs painted green, inked (green ink is the last of the 'messy stages' before I start having to be careful where I put the paint), and I hope I'll get at least one more colour in them (either red which is going to be the detail colour, or brown on the wood and the various pouches which to me really are one of the defining features of Oldhammer lead models - clearly Orcs in the 80s like to carry their cash with them...

I'll end by revealing 'DA PLAN' as it currently stands. I'm going to aim to finish the entire army (70 orcs, 40 goblins, two rock lobbers, a giant, a wyvern, and other bits and bobs) by Christmas. To keep my motivation up (and to stop me painting my outlaw gang for Dead Man's Hand) I'm mulling over the idea of putting together an Oldhammer invasion of Warhammer World sometime in January. I reckon a bunch of us playing Third Edition with some classic lead would make for a great day out. Any takers?


  1. DMH lure is a strong one, I started with 1 gang and I now have 7 hehehe. Anyway good job on your army progress :)

  2. Cheers, I've enjoyed looking at your DMH stuff. To make things worse I think I'm meant to be playing on Friday so I may well have to divert my attention for at least as long as it takes to build a few cowboys!

  3. Wow that's a lot of painting ahead of you there! Agreed on the pouches, every model seemed to have one and I ran out of snakebite leather and patience. I ended up priming black and just adding some dark grey highlights.

    Would love to hit WarhammerWorld with some 3rd edition - not sure the staff would be so happy though!

    1. It might just be a bit much painting... We'll see! I think an Oldhammer trip to Warhammer World would be fine - I did something similar with Warmaster a while back and the staff seemed to really like it. The game ended up on the WHW Facebook page with a really nice write-up.

      Maybe they'd like to do an 'origins of Warhammer' day with games of each iteration of Warhammer going on. Failing that, I quite like the idea of an Oldhammer invasion of one of their Warhammer doubles tournament, showing off old toys in new games (and no doubt propping up the bottom tables as I've little idea how the game plays and I bet my list isn't going to be rocking the top tables!