Sunday, 5 October 2014

Orctober Fest!

It's ORCTOBER! The stars have aligned, Mork and Gork have announced the Waaagh!, or the Waaarr!, or perhaps none of those things depending on how Old your Oldhammer is. What is for sure is that Erny, of the excellent Erny's Place, has brought Orctober back for a second outing and I'm delighted to be jumping aboard.

My Orctober involves starting putting some paint on this lot...

When it's Gobbotember it'll be the turn of this lot...

These chaps are all Marauder miniatures and I've done next to nothing beyond basing them with Vallejo pumice and spraying them with Halford's car primer.

Perhaps of interest is this chap, one of my Black Orcs who has suffered the indignity of a weapon swap. When I'm done with the unit there will be ten models and as there are only four poses six will undergo similar mutilation. Cutting up old lead feels a bit odd (thankfully one came from ebay broken!) but I don't fancy a unit of identical models. Oh, and if the arm looks massive, well, it is, but the angle of the picture isn't helping much!

So, that's the start of my Orctober, at the rate I paint I'll be going on through Norcvember, Dorcember, Janorcy, Feborcy, Morch, Aporcil... And the rest... It's going to be a green year


  1. A Marauder orc army, good choice!

    You need some wolf boys and boar boys.

    1. Thanks for dropping by Erny. I do indeed need cavalry, they will follow hot on the heels of the infantry. Well, hot-ish - I need to get some first! The first wave of reinforcements will be a giant, a chariot, and the pair of wyverns who are currently soaking in dettol.

    2. Fantastic! MArauder Orc don not get enough love in my book. I know they aren't Kev A. sculpts but they have a lovable character all their own. I look forward to seeing yours come together.

      BTW I have 5-6 goblin wolf riders from this range I'm looking to sell or trade. Let me know if you are interested.

    3. Hi Blue, of course I'm interested. But until this lot's beginning to look greener the paypal well is too dry for me to add to the army. If there's anything on my very limited trading pages that might be of interest let me know (though they are very limited).