Monday, 1 September 2014

Incoming: Oldhammer...

I like to tell myself that I'm not actually buying anything much at the moment but one look at the incoming post this last week or so suggests that I'm not being entirely honest with myself... Here's the swag:

So what's there? The mighty trio of rulebooks (this copy of WFB can replace my own slightly wonky copy and the other two mean an end of reading PDFs), the two Marauder Orcs complete my set and I think bring the unit up to a respectable ten (there's converting to be done to make sure the unit doesn't look too samey as there are only 4 poses), the titan gets to join my titan legion as the second Warlord (entirely unneeded for games really), and the Blood Bowl Minotaur is... well, he's a seed for a team I don't yet have. Either Chaos Dwarf or Chaos Pact I expect and of course his presence in the leadpile means that I 'need' the other 15 players.

All of this good stuff has me doing the same happy dance that you can see being demonstrated by the titan above. Tell me I'm not the only one trying to intercept the postman before he alerts the rest of the house to what's going on...


  1. Good spot! It's a fine miniature to build a team around I think!