Saturday, 27 September 2014

Bloodweiser 6 Nations - the results...

The 2014 Bloodweiser 6 nations took place last weekend, all of the coaches made it (despite one broken clutch and a trip to Halfords) and a winner was crowned after three rounds of Blood Bowl mayhem. I present the results, for anyone who is interested:

Round One: Multiball

The Gouged Eye (Orc) 1(0) v 2 (2) Blockholm Syndrome (Norse)
The Grim Readers (Dwarf) 3 (1) v 1 (0) Hashtut's Hell Hammers (Chaos Dwarf)
Horton Hears a Human (Human)  2 (1) v  4 (3) High Fidelfity (High Elf)

In terms of the three themed rounds, this was everyone's favourite. Multiball was loads of fun and made for really interesting games. It took me too long to realise that attack was the best form of defence! The most surprising thing was seeing the Dwarf team get 3 wins in a round that everyone thought would cause them no end of problems. Only a couple of rules questions came up: 1) Can a player carrying a ball move through a square containing the other ball. NO. 2) What happens if the ball lands on a player carrying the other ball. SCATTER IT.

So, round one ended with High Fidelfity in the lead on tournament points...

Round Two: Spiked ball

Horton Hears a Human (Human) 1 (2) v 1 (2) Blockholm Syndrome (Norse)
The Grim Readers (Dwarf) 0 (1) v 5 (4)  High Fidelfity (High Elf)
The Gouged Eye (Orc) 0 (0) v 1 (0) Hashtut's Hell Hammers (Chaos Dwarf)

Round two and it was spikey ball time. Just as the Dwarves bucked the trend by scoring high in round one, here the elves dealt out a massive dose of the smack down to the dwarf team leaving the Grim Readers with next to no players on the pitch... I managed what I think is a personal first in 'deciding' to leave three players off for the pitch on defence. As the scoreline shows, that didn't go at all well! The spiked ball was reasonably entertaining, best really when the ball went loose and bounced through various players, otherwise the effect on game play wasn't that dramatic really.

High Fidelfity maintained the lead here, picking up the win and bonus points for casualties.

Round Three: Pit traps

Horton Hears a Human (Human) 0 (0) v 3 (5) Hashtut's Hell Hammers (Chaos Dwarf)
Blockholm Syndrome (Norse) 2 (4) v 1 (0)  High Fidelfity (High Elf)
The Grim Readers (Dwarf) 1 (0) v 2 (3) The Gouged Eye (Orc)

I liked the pit trap round, with the bonus points for pushing players into pits this was a pretty entertaining variant. In terms of rules to clarify, we decided 1) that players could attempt to blitz out of pits (losing the blitz if they failed to get out, 2) that players didn't have to make dodge rolls on the move getting them out of pits, 3) that getting out of pits cost 3 movement, 4) that only one armour roll is made for falling into a pit (i.e. don't roll for the knock down and then the pit fall, 5) that only one player could be pushed into a pit (count it as an occupied square for pushes).

The winner! High Fidelfity

The tournament win was given on points (and not on the result of the game on table one in the final round) and Barney's High Fidelfity took a well-deserved win.

The day was rounded off with a curry and a game of Talisman. Of course this was the real test of skills and I totally walked it thanks to a combination of a troll with a magic sword that leeched so much life from my adversaries that really I had no option but to take the crown. I'll admit that I'd rather be good at BB than lucky at Talisman, but it made for a nice chilled out end to the day's gaming.


  1. I liked the idea of this. It sounded like fun. I didn't get what them number in parentheses was, but I got the overall gist. Well done.

    1. Hi Sean, the second number refers to casualties. We used them as a way of determining rankings (plus TD) where players were scored equal on tournament points.